Wednesday, May 26, 2010


A quick glance to the right as I walked through the door into Barry's new house and I could see the latest construction progress - insulation. Sheets of thick insulation now tightly fill the spaces between the rafters in the ceiling.
And the walls have been lined with a different type of insulation. Apparently an insulating fabric is framed in between the studs, then a hole is punched in that fabric and the insulation is blown in to fill the space. It's like cotton to the touch, feeling like something you would want to use as batting for a quilt or to line a heavy winter coat.
This house is so well insulated now, standing in the middle of the room I could tell that it will be comfortable in there next winter when Barry stands there and looks outside through those big windows. Even when the gale force winds and heavy rains are blowing through Hales Passage, he will be warm and cozy! Meanwhile, Barry's been inspired to put in a garden. He gathered up some of the scraps from his house-building project to build raised beds for potatoes, and with tomatoes planted so their roots will get plenty of air, his garden is in.
Since he cut some of the lumber for me that I saved from a different construction job dumpster so that I could build many of the raised beds in my new Garden Nbr. 02 at the Happy Valley Community Gardens, and then let me borrow his truck so that I could haul in a couple of yards of soil to fill those beds, I'm going to count Barry's newly inspired garden as part of my Extreme Growing Challenge this year. Good job on that garden, Barry!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Green Roof

The building of Barry's house continues, and more and more it becomes obvious that moving day is in the not-so-distant future. The building, now completely enclosed by windows and doors, is tightly sealed with a layer of Dupont Tyvek HomeWrap and partially covered with siding. Our Pacific Northwest rainstorms should provide a wonderful background sound when those rains pelter down against that dark green metal roof.
The latest pics of Barry's house building project.

Thank you, Barry, for cutting my stack of salvaged lumber.
I constructed six raised bed frames for my new space at the Happy Valley Community Gardens in my Garden Nbr. 2.
I'm sure there will be plenty of produce for sharing.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The House is a House

As the construction continues, it really is looking more and more like a house - Barry's dream house. Barry, as his own contractor, is very busy every single day.
Barry's house as viewed from the street today.
Some of the house-building guys working at the Bosch.
View the latest constructon progress.

Follow this link to Barry's website - - to read more.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Walls Go Up

Wow! Wow was the only sound I could exclaim as I drove past the lot filled with overgrown forest and brush when suddenly Barry's house came into view. Wow, it really does look like a house now. Barry is definitely building his dream house!It hadn't been much more than a week since I'd stopped by, and the workers were just finishing up the foundation and floor then. And now, now almost all the walls have been built. That crew of workers certainly are keeping busy. The windows are being framed in - lots of windows. Here's a view from outside one, looking out to the other side of the house through another.
This is what Barry's house looks like from the street now.
Barry took me on the grand tour inside, room by room, discussing as we took in the view from each window things like counter tops, furniture arrangements, closet space, open spaces, decks and other outdoor living areas that will compliment the layout of his house.
Take the grand tour yourself, inside and outside.

Barry looks on as he observes the interior construction from just inside his dining area window.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Progress, construction is underway! The foundation for Barry's new house is complete.
Torrie checked things out from below.
As did I.
Soon the sub floor will be in place, blocking the lovely view from below but making it possible to construct the walls. View more of Barry's house-building pics.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Model House

Pulling out the model house he received from the architect after we had walked around the piles of dirt in his yard, Barry explained that he was still waiting on inspectors from the Whatcom County Planning Department and Lummi Nation Planning and Development to work out the final details of his building permit before he can actually start construction.
Another view.
And yet another view.
Meanwhile, Barry and his dog eye the dirt work he completed with his Kubota tractor in anticipation of the permit.
There's a nice view of the Lummi Island Ferry Dock from on top of this pile of dirt.
His house will sit here.
Update February 11, 2010: Barry telephoned indicating that the permitting was finalized and the foundation is finished. I'll be there tomorrow taking some progress photos before the framing begins. Let's hope for clear skies so we can capture some of the beautiful view of Hales Passage.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Breaking Ground

Finally! Finally ground breaking day arrived. Barry has been waiting for this day for a very long time - years actually. Finally, this was the day for him to warm up that new Kubota tractor and start playing in the dirt. He's beginning the ground work for his new house - his dream house.With its peek-a-boo view of Hales Passage, the ferry dock and Lummi Island in the distance, it's a beautiful location for his new house.
He says he may mound some of the extra dirt along his fenceline and strategically plant a few trees to add just a little extra privacy. He has plans to put in more landscaping, even a small pond, in his soon-to-be front yard. He talks of planting a garden in the back yard, putting in a small orchard, and even having chickens. It looks like Barry's fun is just beginning!
Breaking ground.

And what's my role in all of this? I get to stop by and let my dog run around the yard with his as I document his house building project by, you guessed it, taking more pictures than the average girl.